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BINHO UCKERMANN, born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, is a lover of electronic music, with 14+ years experience as a DJ. In 2020 he became a music producer and started making his own productions and remixes. Being a music producer has given him greater engagement and credibility in the industry. He took a course taught by the great Brazillian producer VMC (Valdecio Marques) and later on another one by Diego Santander at Santander Music Academy. Both VMC and Diego Santander are DJs and music producers with many years of history and an immense participation in the Brazilian music scene with their music being played by other Djs from all over the world. Binho also studied “Music Industry Essentials” at New York University to further his knowledge of the music business.

Binho began to play professionally in January 2008. Since his debut, he has conquered the public and gained visibility through his energetic, lively and striking performances with a singular sonority that always tells a story.

He began his career playing at the parties of GRUPO SUPER FESTAS and FLEXX CLUB in São Paulo, Brazil. He has been a resident of Label Party BADALO, pool party FRESH, A FESTA! and SUPERBEAT at BUBU LOUNGE DISCO, and DRINK’S PROJECT party.

He was nominated for “Best DJ” by the OMEGA HITZ Portal to the OMEGA HITZ AWARDS in 2014. In 2015, he was also selected to participate in the SUNSET THE WEEK’S GOT TALENT’S contest at THE WEEK* BRAZIL in São Paulo, one of the biggest and most known nightclubs in Brazil and worldwide.

IN 2016, Binho was selected to play exclusively at the wedding of one of the most famous Brazilian drag queens, Léo Áquilla. This event was covered by the REDE TV channel and was transmitted worldwide.

He has been invited as a guest DJ to perform in parties in Miami, FL, including VAGABUNDOS POOL PARTY, RUFF, and L.P.N. (LA PUTA NOTA) AFTER HOURS. He’s played at SHOWTIME and HALLOWEEN PRE-BLOCK PARTY in THE MANOR COMPLEX in Wilton Manors/Ft. Lauderdale. Binho has also played in ROYAL TEA SUNDAY’S at EVE Orlando in Orlando, FL. and CANDY SHOPPE in Austin, TX.

Binho has lived in Miami, Florida, and San Francisco-Bay Area, California—two of the great poles of the music scene, where he learned the different styles and tastes of each region. While living in Miami, he played at TWIST and PALACE BAR in South Beach. He was also invited to perform at GAY PRIDE OF MIAMI BEACH at PALACE BAR.

Since 2019, he has resided in the largest city and largest music hub of the world, New York City, where he continues his musical journey. He has performed at HK HALL (previously Stage 48), THE RITZ BAR AND LOUNGE, REBAR CHELSEA, BOXERS CHELSEA, and 3 DOLLAR BILL. He’s taken the dance floor at U-NITE, EUPHORIA PARTY, CALIBR PARTY, RAM PARTY NYC, CHÁ DA ALICE NYC, POP PARTY, VRÁÁ – HIT THAT FAN, POPULANCE and much more.

Binho was invited to represent the label of CHÁ DA ALICE NYC for a special edition in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Binho also cares about his social impact. He donated his services in partnership with GREAT SOCIAL ACTIONS of the label party WHITE PARTY in Brazil from 2014 to 2017. This party was created by the stylist Rogério Figueiredos and Flexx Club’s producer Rodrigo Zanardi. The project is held once a year in December to collect toys for the Christmas of children in need. Also, he has also donated his services for “FLEXX SOLIDÁRIA – LOCOMOTIVA DA ALEGRIA” at FLEXX CLUB, an event that collected food for the underserved community. In Miami the DJ participated in FASHION NIGHT ON BRICKELL in 2018, where all the proceeds were donated to this NGO UN PASO DE LA VEZ for special needs children.

Binho invests greatly in his marketing, image, and visual identity. In 2015 he created the MOVE IT project, where he made a new visual identity, sets, and podcasts produced to present his work to his followers. He enjoyes using his own custom backdrops with high quality visuals and graphics to make a difference in his performances.


BINHO owns a unique musical style that has allowed him to gain more admiration through engaging sounds, contagious vocals, and striking beats that mixes the nuances of Circuit, Progressive House, Tribal, and a signature Brazilian influence. What sets Binho apart is his versatility and ability to adapt his sound to his audience.

He is influenced by deejays such as Thomas Solvert, Nacho Chapado, Diego Santander, Tommy Love, Rodolfo Bravat, Allison Nunes, Ana Flor, and Renato Cecin, to name a few.